Review: CBS’s Sunday Morning

cbs sundaymorning logo

Every Sunday morning, for almost the past 15 years, I have woken up to watch CBS’s Sunday Morning hour and a half (90 minute) variety news program. This program is not like 60 minutes, or the national news that is scene in the morning and in the evening, but this is a show that features many different topics and subjects. These are stories that engage the mind and cover topics that other news programs are not exactly covering.

Of course, they do cover some of the top news stories, but usually that is the first story that starts the program off, but after that top feature story is over, then it’s on to the other stories that grab interest, such as celebrity interviews, going to art exhibits, or events that not everyone may know about. Then at the end of every broadcast, it ends with a nature scene. Also between every story, there is a different picture or depiction of the sun.

Then there are weekends that focus on one topic, such as for Oscar weekend it’s all about the motion picture industry, or they have the money issue, the design issue, and the food issue. All of this variety may not grab everyone’s attention, but there is something in there for one person or another. I like when they talk to authors and focus on their works, and of course that would be important since I’m a writer.

But apart from all of that, I have found that sometimes they talk or feature a story that inspires me to write or to focus my attention on that topic. There were also times when I was in college, writing essays that I would use it as a source for material.

If you haven’t checked out this variety news program, I suggest that you do and maybe it will give you a spark or add a spark to your writing. If nothing else then it will give you a different view of the world.

So until next Sunday Morning, I’ll be waiting for that trumpet tune and to be inspired by the stories, as well as a chance to learn something new that I never knew before.

I hope that you give any inspiration that comes into your world a chance and see what it can do for your writing.

I hope that you have a happy writing day! Until next time!


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