Lunch Time Discussions: COVID-19

dragon and coffee

Hello and this post is sort of like my spilling the hot chocolate posts that I have done previously; however, this time it’s over lunch. Lunch today was with my mother and my sister, we all live together so don’t worry, it’s not like someone came over and that sort of thing. Granted, the topic was about the lovely virus like it is dominating everything right now.

Granted, I have already covered some material on my platform about the virus as well. But I’m going to also add some more input that came from my sister about this virus.

My sister made the point that my generation, the millennial’s, have never had to do something of the things that the older generations have done in the past. I mean, when you look at my other sister, she doesn’t understand the meaning of staying at home and vegging, for she always needs to be going somewhere. During this time, more and more of us are being told to stay home and do something.

The point was even made that during this time, you have a whole world at your finger tips to where you can learn something new. You can go on virtual tours of museums that are closed.

Nowhere in the history of our lives, or the lives of our grandparents, our parents have seen times like this. Take it as a lesson that even though, this is the first instance of this situation, it may not be the last time either.

But now going to an even bigger point of all of this, to all those that are the younger part of my generation, please, for God’s sake take the precautions and if you are told to stay home stay home. There’s no need to go to the beach and party. Yes, I know its spring break and all, but with everything going on right now it is not the time to party.

Just based on the last paragraph above I want to put out:


This is serious and these clowns that are out there want to party like nothing is going on, and their like if I get it I get it no big deal. It is a big deal, because the few of my generation that have gotten have been seriously ill, and part of is this the risk that has been imposed by vaping e-cigarettes.

While, I don’t make light of this situation at all, I reached my bubbling point to where I need to say something.

I apologize, if this has nothing to do with writing. But on the other hand, they say that is best to write your feelings out, or you will bubble over and that is not good for blood pressures, since it will lead to stress.

Thank you for joining me on this rant! I hope that you have a great writing day! Happy writing and happy creating!


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