About the Moonspinner3 Books

Hi! My name is Tiffany Dew and welcome to the world of Moonspinner3 Books!

authorEver since I was a little girl, I have dreamed of wanting to be a writer and be able to other stories. Writing has been a passion of mine since I was about 8 or 9 and that has kept me going for years. Writing has been an outlet for allowing me to escape into whatever world, I’m currently creating. I hope that you will enjoy what I bring to the table.

I am the founder and owner of Moonspinner3 Books, and its many imprints such as Faerie Rose Press and Elderwood Publications. I’m happy that you have you found this site and I hope that it is informative for you.

Besides writing, I also raise llamas and alpacas in Strasbourg, CO. Although, I live in Denver, CO with my family, they are always near and dear to my heart just like my writings.

Published Works by Tiffany Dew

  • My Grandmother is Missing – Published as written by Tiffany M. Dew
  • Poems in a Milk Bottle, A Collection of Poetry – Published as written by Tiffany M. Dew
  • Crimson Bounty: A Sheriff John Crimson Story – Published as written by Tiffany Dew
  • Crimson Shot: A Sheriff John Crimson Story – Published as written by Tiffany Dew
  • Crimson Protection: A Sheriff John Crimson Story – Published as written by Tiffany Dew

All works are available on Amazon as ebooks for Amazon’s Kindle devices and the Kindle app.

Current Works in Progress by Tiffany Dew

  • Ravages of Time – To be published as written by Tiffany M. Dew
  • The Raven Prophecy – To be published as written by T.M. Dew
  • The Zodiac Tower – To be published as written by Tiffany M. Dew
  • Presidential Protection Agency (Working Title) – To be published as written by Tiffany M. Dew
  • The Bird that Sings – To be published as written by Tiffany M. Dew

Moonspinner3 Books

Moonspinner3 Books logo-page-001Moonspinner3 Books is the newly created parent company of Faerie Rose Press and Elderwood Publications. Both Faerie Rose Press and Elderwood Publications are now imprints of Moonspinner3 Books. Moonspinner3 Books will be a continuation of the goals, motivations, and vision that has been instilled with Faerie Rose Press from its inception.

Faerie Rose Press

faerie-rose-press-logo-new-page-001-3.jpgFaerie Rose Press was started back in 2017, for the sole purpose of publishing works of fiction in the fantasy genre. In our slogan, where stories are not just for faeries, we mean that fantasy stories are not just about faeries, for they deal with other aspects of the fantasy genre. This is not to say that faeries may not be in our stories, but fantasy is more than just faerie stories. We also want our readers to know that if they enjoy reading about the fair folk then they stories are for them. Faerie Rose Press is an imprint of its newly created parent company, Moonspinner3 Books.

Pink Top Toadstool Productions

Pink Top Toadstool Productions is an imprint of Moonspinner3 Books, and can be seen an imprint of Faerie Pink Top Toadstool Productions logo-page-001 (1)Rose Press, for the publication of short stories that fall under the realm of the fantasy genre. We are so pleased to have this division that is just for short stories. Therefore, Faerie Rose Press is for novels written and published under the fantasy genre, and Pink Top Toadstool Productions is for short story publications.

Elderwood Publications

Elderwood-Publications-logo-new-page-001.jpgElderwood Publications is an imprint of Moonspinner3 Books, which is for works of fiction that are not in the fantasy genre. This includes short stories, poetry collections, romance, and any other type of fiction that is not considered fantasy.


Faded Tumbleweed Westerns

Faded Tumbleweed Westerns logo-page-001Faded Tumbleweed Westerns is an imprint of Moonspinner3 Books for the sole purpose of publishing works of fiction that are considered to be westerns, such as the Sheriff Crimson Series.

Silver Wolf Writing

silverwolfwriting-page-001 (1)Silver Wolf Writing is an imprint of Moonspinner3 Books. Silver Wolf Writing is more of a symbol of what we embody ourselves when we write. We want to be brave, fierce, and bold. That does not say that we do not break the rules but rather take the rules where they have not gone before. The goal under Silver Wolf Writing is to make writing count and to continue our mission and vision of making writing bold and daring, while also continuing to be inspired and be creative at the same time. Silver Wolf Writing, may not also be where we explore or rather dip our hands into the realm of publishing works that are categorized as non-fiction. Even though, we are mainly a fiction house, Silver Wolf Writing also allows us the opportunity to publish works that are non-fiction.

Our Goal

Our goal at Moonspinner3 Books is to not only publish works of fiction but to also encourage other writers to get the confidence that they either need or want in their writing. We are also working towards this goal with our current project called “Writers First Source.”

Writers First Source

Writersfirstsourcelogo2-page-001Writer’s First Source is where writer’s and their writing come first. We want to create a space where writers, at any age in their writing career, can get help and encouragement with their works of fiction. It can also be a way for them to gain new tools in their writing toolbox. This is also a place where they can get new ideas on how to expand their knowledge about their writing and where they want to take their writing career.

Our Mission

Moonspinner3 Books wants to inspire others to write the stories that they want to write while letting them know that they do not have to write to trends. We also want to let others experience the magic that is writing and to let their imaginations soar.

As part of our mission, to help other fellow writers, we would like to offer a number of services. These services include: editing, consulting, social media, and networking just to name a few. For a complete list please, visit the  “Our Services” page.

Thank you, for finding Faerie Rose Press, if you would like more information you can contact me at tiffanymdew@moonspinner3books.com or you can use the contact form down below.