Our Services

Faerie Rose Press has a number of services that it provides:

  • Proofreading
  • Editing
  • Publishing (Fantasy: Faerie Rose Press; Other Genres: Elderwood Publications)
  • Writing
  • Consulting
    • Story Help and Story Ideas
    • Character Help
    • World Building
    • Researching
    • Writing Business Startup
  • Reviewing
  • Book Design
    • Front Matter (Title Page, Copyright Page, etc.)
    • Back Matter (About the Author)
    • Body of work
  • Cover Design
  • Creating Templates
  • Social Media setup & Marketing
  • Marketing
  • Letter Writing (ie Invitations, Thank you notes, etc.)
  • Homework Help
  • Administrative Help

If you are interested in our services please, contact us at faerierosepress@gmail.com

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