Things are moving!

As I mentioned yesturday, Faerie Rose Press is a work in progress, and one of those items that I have been working on for a while is creating a FaceBook Page for Faerie Rose Press, which I have just published a few minutes ago. I have the logo up, and have done one post.

Part of creating the FaceBook page is to market not only the press but me as an author, and hopefully, very soon I will have my author FaceBook page up and running, which will also be linked to this very website. The reason for this, is that my goal is that Faerie Rose Press is my home platform. The platform, being that most of what I do is on here, and social media is a gateway towards getting others to look at this site.

It all comes under the heading of marketing. I know its a business term, but part of being a writer so to market yourself and your work, which is all part of marketing, which is also a work in progress. But like all things right now, Faerie Rose Press is growing and moving in what I think is the right direction.

If you like what I have so far, please, find Faerie Rose Press on Facebook and give us a like, as well as like or comment below.

It’s been a while…

It’s been a little while, since I have been on here. I appoligize for that, but life got in the way. Life, is what we face as writers, and what can get in the way of writing. This also means that yes, I’ve been a bad girl, for I have not written for a while. Althought, I have not been writing for a while, I have however, been doing research.

Yes, research on writing, publishing, and writing. I went to the Mile High MFA Creative Writing Open House that was hosted at Regis University at the end of July, and one thing that came back to me was that I need to study my craft. My craft can be broken down into fiction, and from there down to Fantasy. Furthermore, as a writer I need to work on structure of my book.

So that I one goal, that I have set for myself. The other is how I can participate in the writing community. Yes, I have gone to a couple of writing conferences, such as the Castle Rock Writing Conference that they have once a year in the fall, which I have enjoyed for they bring up a variety of topics. But I feel that there is more that I can do to encourage those that want to write to write.

The other things that I have been doing, is watching the latest season of Game of Thrones. Yes, I’m a Game of Thrones fantic, and this is in fair fact due to I’m a fantasy buff. This also comes into the heading of studying your craft. But this is what we do as writers is watch or read how someone else did something and we take into the corner work or tweak it so that we can make it ours.

Furthermore, since I have not been on this site for a while, I have thought about how I could make this site better, or rather how can I get some of my work out there, and one thing came to find: poetry. Yes, I know some people don’t like poetry and others enjoy it, so I published some of it here, under the new section called “Poetry.”

Under the section, there are currently four poems. I hope to add more, but I am still making decisions around that part of it. If I have not said it before, this site is a work in progress. I’m still looking at what I should and should not add to this site. I know one thing for sure, I will have a section on tools for writing, which will include a list of resources for writers.

I can tell you, that I’m working on things for the press, on my writing, and on this site. If you like what you have heard, or would like to hear more, or have suggestions on things, please, comment down below.


Writing goals – Yes, you need them

As you work on your writing projects, you must have goals in mind whether it be publishing, or just to have fun with writing. I have my own goals that keep in the back of my head as I work on my project. My goals include to be published and to have a group of readers that want to read my novel(s).

Granted, when I started to write my novel, The Raven Prophecy, publishing was not one of the first. The first goal was to write the story, but as I started to jot down the ideas and I started writing that first chapter then that’s when I said I could have this book published and that is what I’m working towards. But I’m still working on that first goal of writing the story and then it will to edit it, and then do a re-write, edit that and then hopefully (fingers crossed) publish my novel.

I also have had other goals that have come to find, based on information that I have gathered and found about being a writer. Some of these goals include: starting a website, starting my publishing company, third fiding readers, and fourth marketing my book/myself as an author. But all in all when you write you must have goals, and every project has a purpose, whether it is to be published or to be tucked in a folder somewhere collecting dust. Whatever, it is you must be flexible and face that not all everything that you write might be publishable.

It’s like we have a saying in the alpaca world, “Not every alpaca is a show animal but they have their purpose, and not every fleece is a show fleece or a fleece that is going to be turned into yarn. But it does have its purpose.”

The same is true for every piece that you write. If you liked tonight’s post, and want to know more, comment or send a notification that you want to make contact.

Until next time, Good night!

Welcome to Faerie Rose Press

Hello and welcome to Faerie Rose Press! Where to begin? Well the beginning of course, writing has always been a passion of mine and I’ve been working on my debut novel, The Raven Prophecy, for the last thirteen years. You may think that is a long time to be working on a novel, but first when the initial idea came for the novel I was just starting college, and I graduated college. Then to continue on that I started my career and then I found a new love, which has been raising alpacas and llamas. But I have always stuck with writing this novel. This novel has been a passion, an obsession, and a love for the last thirteen years.

My goals are to one finish and complete this novel. I should say not just to finish and complete the novel but to also publish my novel. Now I know that you must be thinking that I’m crazy for sticking to this novel for the last thirteen years, but you must understand that as a writer, you have to be dedicated to your story, and I’m totally 100% dedicated to this novel.

Furthermore, in being dedicated to writing this novel, I also came up with a publishing company to publish my book. Yes, Faerie Rose Press. The reason for the name is one that I’m a fantasy fiction writer. I love fantasy and I thought that the press would also show that it is a fantasy publishing company as well as in the slogan: Where stories are not just writen for Faeries.

Overall, I hope on this site that I can show my love for writing as well as let you know how my novel is going. I also hope to share my knowledge with other writers that have aspiring dreams of writing and publishing their own works of writing.

I hope that this introduction was informative, but if you want to know more, comment or send a notification that you want to make contact.

Until then good night!