Take a Ways from Going to Conferences

As you all know by now, yesterday I was at the Write.Market.Publish.Sell! Writer’s Conference. I learned so much that my head was swirling with information overall but I had a blast learning and getting new ideas for how to work and improve my writing. While there are things that I already knew and was reassured that I was on the right path with it, there were some things that I never knew before and that is also great also.

There are so much that we as writers need to know and keep an eye and ear to even when we are working steadily on our current projects. That is the greatest part of going to conferences is that you learn so much and you get to talk to other writers published and aspiring as well. If I haven’t said it before, I will say it now, there is a lot going on in the writing world that some times it can be overwhelming. But that is also part of what comes along when you think about the tech world and the changes that occur all the time with new technologies and devices that come to play. Getting back to be overwhelming as a new writer and that is one reason why you need to take it in on your own pace. While at the same time you need to find some one that can help steer in the right direction and help you understand what is currently going on.

One of the biggest take away that I gained from the conference is that we need to help each other and not try to destroy each other. As indie writers, we are a larger community than the community that the traditional publishers are looking for. Let’s put it this way the traditional publishing world has not changed or grown, while the world of self-publishing has grown by at least 250% in the last few years. Yes, there are stigmas that come with self-publishing but if we can put out great products (books and swag) then we can just be as successful as the traditional publishers. Granted, self-publishing companies are going out of business all the time due to not having the right resources or guidance on how to do things. However, if we can overcome these hurtles then we can succeed for years to come. I will also say that at the same that self-publishing companies are going out of business, traditional publishers are also laying off good people that can do wonders for the publishing world and they are being picked up by the hybrid publishing companies or even the vanity presses.

Granted, there is good to bad to each of these options but it is part of our community and the world of writing and we have to embrace them rather than fight them for there are companies out there that want to help writers. We just have to decided how are we going to go down the path that is right for us. Does this mean that I’m giving up Faerie Rose Press or Elderwood Publications? No. Not in the least. I have some more things to think about but that is what happens after going to a conference. Is that you learn, and adapt, just like anything other information that you receive.

Just keep in mind when we receive information, we take it in, we think about, then we process it and go worth and produce what we can from that information. This is one of the reasons why I love conferences for you get new ideas and help when you get stuck on an idea. I hope that is what you do with the information that I share with all of you.


Conference News…

The registration for the Castle Rock Writer’s Conference for this years has opened. If you are interested in attending the event, go to¬†http://castlerockwriters.com/conference-basics-2018/. I’m so looking forward to attending this conference for a fourth time.

Also I’m currently at the Write.Market.Publish.Sell! Conference and I’m learning a lot and I hope to share some of the insights that I’m gaining with all of you in the very near future. Also while I’ve been attending this conference, I’ve learned of another writing conference here in Colorado. There’s a group called, “Writers on the Rock.” Their conference will be held on February 23, 2019. So there is something to look forward to for next year. If you are interested in this future event also check out their website.

So that is all for conference news, now on to the fun part the writing. The Raven Prophecy is going well and still a work in progress. But gosh darn it, a new story idea has popped onto the scene. I’m feeling energized about this new story and excited for things to come. Well, I have to get back to the conference and that means that I’ll talk to you later.




What is Important about Summer

The count down for the Write. Market. Publish. Sell! Conference has started, for it is at the end of this week! Granted, the countdown has also started for the big ComicCon in San Diego. As writers, we should pay attention to what is going on at ComicCon for it shows us what is big in media such as television and motion pictures. If I haven’t already said it, we gather inspiration from several different places and some of those are motion pictures and television series.

Not only do we have several conferences taking place during the summer, but for writers it also a time when we pay attention to book awards that are handed out and we start to pay attention to what sort of books are being recommend to be read during the summer. Having a book that is recommend during the summer usually means that those books that might be ignored other wise get a second or even a third consideration by readers. This is what should be looked at closely, even if you are self-publishing or traditionally publishing your novels.

Furthermore, summer is also the time of year when we start seeing the trailers for the films that will be coming out during award season and we should be making our picks for those that will see either awards for adaptions or original scripts. A couple that I have seen so far is another version of the story about the rivalry between Queen Elizabeth the first and her cousin, Mary Queen of Scotland. I know what you are going to say, didn’t we just have Reign that ended with this rivalry story in it’s last two season? Yes, and it has been told before on the big screen, but so far what has been shown in this version is that at one point they were friends and wrote letters to each other frequently. The second one that is interesting is the Colette, which is the story of a woman whose husband asks her to ghostwrite for him. Interesting, for during the time that the film is set women writer’s were not as popular as they are today. This film continues to tell the story of how women were able to get the credit that they deserve as much as male writers.

But above all, as writers we should keep on writing and try to complete our manuscripts that keep us up at night on these long hot summer nights. But let’s also not forget that NaNoWriMo Will be here in a couple of months, and that while we may not be thinking about what we have in mind yet, we should still keep it in the back of our minds.



What’s going on?

Hi everyone! Its the start of another week, which means another week of writing and seeing what is currently going on with other writers. So if you want to think about it pretty much the same old thing. Except that there is some news that I want to get to. I will be attending a writer’s conference on Saturday, July 9 at Red Rocks Community College. This conference is known as the Write. Market. Publish. Sell!. Granted to attend the conference is like almost $120 but I thought that it might be worth the cost. If you are going to be in Denver, or are going to the conference let me know.

As for the Castle Rock Writers Conference that is happening at the end of September, I’m still waiting for the prices to go up so that I can RSVP for my spot. When that becomes available I will post it on here so that you can also attend if you are going to be in the area for the conference.

In other news work on The Raven Prophecy is still on going. I’m like over 100 thousand words. Granted, I never thought that I would get that many words written, but I have and I am so happy about the progress that has been made in the last few weeks. I hope to get part one of the manuscript finished by either the end of this week or by the start of next week. It all depends on what happens.

Yes, this is a shorter post than normal, but I thought that I would digress and talk about normal things that I’m on the look for currently.