Today is going to be Great!

Today, so far is getting off to a good start. I have already have 12 views on this site. I would like to thank everyone who has stopped by either for the first time or if you are returning. I also have had three people pick up their free ebook of “My Grandmother is Missing.”

Speaking of the ebook, it will be available starting today and going through Saturday for free. After that it will be available for $.99. I just feel so happy right now that everything is going on track.

Now let’s talk in terms of writing, which will be about everyone has a story. This story can be either about what is going on with you personally, or what you bring to your works of fiction. Whatever that part is there is a story there that is waiting to released. This story can also be reflected or be apart of your writer’s journey. Yes, I’m going back to the writer’s journey, for some aspect in your life contributed to you wanting or having the desire to write. As I mentioned in my post on the writer’s journey, I just felt this desire to tell stories and I loved how stories work. As I have grown, more about what I love about story has come across in my writing. This could be how you make that daring twist with your characters. Making your characters interact. How you even build your story world. Now mater what you learn about writing from others, that part you can take and make part of your writing.

The only part about that is that you may fall the first time but that is where you learn and you take it out back somewhere and work with it. This is were tweaking comes into your arsenal. However, you have to decied on a given day what you want from your writing and where you want to take your writing. This is where you can make your goals and strive to make those goals happen for you. This is also where you can grow as a writer.

The more you grow as a writer, the more that you can see things happen for you. One way for me that I see that is that I never dreamed what when I started Faerie Rose Press, that I would have the courage to try to publish my flash fiction on amazon, for I was only thinking about my larger projects like my novel. I never thought that I would get as many views as I have on here, let alone my Facebook page. The point is that I’m growing and looking down at the road and seeing endless possiblilities and that means that I can share more with all of you about where you can see your writing journey might take you. I hope that you are seeing your writer’s journey and saying that I can do what I want with it. Granted, not everything will work, but when it does you can see the magic. Magic is beautiful, and daring but above all it let’s us see things differently. It also lets us see the confidence in what we can do.

We can all be successful in your writing and the careers that we want in our writing. I hope that you can see what you want out of your writing. But strive forth and watch as your creativity bloom and grow.

I hope that this has been helpful today, and I hope that you will like what you have heard.

I’m Beyond Words Right Now

Good evening and happy Saturday! So tonight, before I came on here I was on Facebook and I have some awesome news to share. Since publishing the page for Faerie Rose Press, and updating it regularly, I have received 25 likes and I now have 23 followers! This is just so awesome to have right now! I can’t even express it into words. Although, I’m so happy right now.

Also other updates on my Saturday evening, I continue to work on Ravages of Time, and I have started working on my Facebook author page and it is now out there for every one to see. The page is under Tiffany M Dew.

So when you are a writer and you want to get yourself out there on social media, you will need to create at some point an author page. This is for one that you are separate from your person page or your business page, and for two so that your readers can find you. So I have done that tonight, and it like everything else will be a work in progress. But I am happy with the progress that I am making on my business and with the direction that I’m currently headed in.

But as of right now, this website is still going to be the base for everything, so that you don’t have to click or have to follow two different websites maybe in the future that will change, but as of right now things are staying on this page. I will be creating a new section on the website, which will be a gallary of the covers that I have designed. This will include the two for Ravages of Time, which I posted on here last night. It will also feature a couple of the designs that I did for the Raven Prophecy. But that is something that I want to show, is the covers that I have designed myself and see what others think.

So as far, I’m made way through Facebook, twitter, Youtube and this website. I’m also working my way through Instagram and once I figure that one out I will notify you with those details. Right now, I’m just thinking that when I started this adventure that I would never have this sort of followship that I have on Facebook or on this site for this matter. As always, even though I don’t say it enough, thank you for finding me and reading this every time that I post something, it really means alot. I also have a new update on this as well, I have someone from Austria that has found this site and checking it out as well. So far I have readers in the US, Asia, and Europe. This is just a little overwhelming but in a good way and I enjoy writing these posts and keeping you to date on what I have going on.

Thank you for I am beyond happy. If you like what you have read like, comment, and share. Thank you, again and have a good night.

Today was a Good day!

Today, was a good day here at Faerie Rose Press. I got my first unoffical client that I got to help with on his writing. So if you haven’t guessed, I took somewhat I wrote yesturday to heart and took a giant leap forward when I said that I would help someone with their writing project.

This comes under the heading of helping others in the writing community, which can sort of be looked as doing community service. As much as we as writers need to focus on our own writing, we also need to help our fellow authors with their writing projects. I feel that taking that step was a huge accomplishment for myself, for a long time that I was terribly shy. But as I continue to come out of my shell, and I feel that I can accomplish more.

One way that I can say for certain that I came out of the shy shell was getting into the alpaca and llama industry, and when I started doing the shows and showing what I have learned from raising them I have come out of that shell, and in some ways if I wasn’t out of my shell then I wouldn’t have mustered up the courage to help my fellow writer, which I found on Facebook.

The other way that this was a good day, was when I looked at my stats for this site, I saw that I got two views from people in India, for me that was awesome. It was just as awesome as seeing the fews from those that are across the US and Australia. So all in all, today was a good day for me at Faerie Rose Press.

Also on the marketing front, I have created an account on Goodreads, and I will be soon starting a Youtube channel. Yes, things are happening, but it’s awesome, for I feel that I’m making strives in what I want to accomplish my business, and one of those items was to help someone with their writing project.

I hope you all had a great Friday too!