Welcome to Faerie Rose Press Part 2

d86be4ce65bf82512775609ba751b966--fairy-silhouette-free-silhouette-cameoHello and Welcome to the world of Faerie Rose Press! Last year, I started this website and this has been a love and a sincere joy to able to share what I know and what I am currently learning about the writing process. Each day I learn something new and with everything that I learn is give me more knowledge and insight on how writing is like creating magic.

I have always said that since day one, that this site would be changing through growth for nothing is set in stone. I have been flexible in what I have posted and the way that I have presented the information. Furthermore, I have presented the content on this site in a way that may not have been presented or addressed like no one else.

My goal has always been to be able to encourage others to go find and take on their own writer’s journey, and to make their journey their own. This even means making mistakes along the way and to acknowledging the weak stories that we may have written.

Granted, in the year that this site has been created, I have published four short stories and a poetry collection on Amazon, and I have been working on several novels. I know this is where I need to work on one novel at a time. But I still have the goal to finish one of my novels and to get it published. But I’m not only writing, I’m also creating book covers for what I have written.

Also in the same year, I have created a sister division of publishing, Elderwood Publications. The parent company for both Faerie Rose Press and Elderwood Publications has also been created, Moonspinner3 Books. Faerie Rose Press is for works of fiction written in the genre of fiction. Elderwood Publications is for works of fiction in other genres.

Through every step that I have taken through this year, I must say a huge thank you to s-l300 (2)all of you for your continued support. This is regardless if this is the first time that you visit this site, or the hundredth time. Thank you and I hope that you find something that helps you through out the days that you consider as your writing days. Just remember to create magicĀ  through the use of imagination and to use that imagination to unleash your creativity. Further more take time to create, write, grow and to inspire.

It’s Fall you know what means…

Yes, we are in the fall season, which means the leaves are changing, Halloween is upon us and for us writers it is also when we start planning for Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month). If you don’t know what Nanowrimo is about then, here is the quick two-minute blurb.

Nanowrimo, which stands for National Novel Writing Month, takes place in the month of November, and as writers we try to write 50 thousand words for 30 days, which basically comes down to 1,667 words a day. But you have two choices during this time, and that is to work on a new writing project, which is what you are supposed to do, or you can be a total rebel and work on a project that you have already started.

To get ready for Nanowrimo, typically you start coming up with your ideas during the month of September , and then in the month of October is usually the month that you really start making your notes and jotting down your story ideas.

The first time that I heard about Nanowrimo, it was about three years ago when I went to the Castle Rock Writers Conference, and it peaked my curiosity so I went to the session on it and I was like I’ll give it a try. But of course after the conference and I was starting to take the plunge into Nanowrimo, I was like what am I going to write about. Well at the same time, my neighbor started having memory issues and she thought that her husband was alive and that one of her daughters was keeping them apart. It went on and on, and also during this time my father said something along the lines about ravages of time, and that is where the ideas started coming for my novel, Ravages of Time, and I went really out of my element and wrote the novel in multiple first person’s point of view, and I hardly write in first person. But I have enjoyed it, and have thought about getting it published or not publishing for that matter.

But now, I’m going back over it and working on self-publishing Ravages of Time under Elderwood Publications, which is a division of Faerie Rose Press. But back to Nanowrimo, I have done three camp sessions, which take place in April and July, and two Nanowrimos. My second year of doing Nanowrimo, I was doing a fan fiction of Hocus Pocus, and then last year I was working on the Raven Prophecy.

As for this year, I’m still coming up with ideas on a project that I should do. So as you might have guessed, I’m in the planning stages, and thinking of the different story lines that I could write about.

So while I’m working on coming up with a project for this year’s Nanowrimo, I have been working on Ravages of Time as I said and one of the first things that I did was work on my cover. My original cover was my first time working on my cover. So I have the old version of the cover and the latest cover design down below.

Also as we head into the fall season, the count down is also on for this year’s Castle Rock Writer’s Conference for that take place next month, which I’m so excited for.

So for the next while, on here as we gear up for Nanowrimo, I will posting tips and suggestions for those that have never tried Nanowrimo, or if you have and you need a few new ideas on how to tackle that writing project, I can post things that are always helpful as well.

I hope that this got you ready for the fall as a writer as you think about part taking in Nanowrimo. If you are I hope that you enjoy it and if that not that’s okay too. But you fall time is the start of projects for many of us as we start to get ready for the holidays. But let’s not rush the train yet and let’s enjoy the start of fall.

Elderwood Publications A new Entity

Hello! It’s been a while for sure. So I have some recent updates that I would like to share with you all. First and foremost, I have a writing space, and it looks awesome, granted it’s a work in progress but it has turned out so well. I will post some pictures of what it looks down below. So I have moved out of the living room and into a space that is all my own down in the basement of my parents home but it looks very nice.

Secondly, I created a division of Faerie Rose Press, called Elderwood Publications. You might be going, what? But let me explain, Faerie Rose Press was created by me solely for my work that I publish that is under the Fantasy Genre. Elderwood Publications is more for work that is going to be published in the other genres. It like most things with Faerie Rose Press is a work in progress but I feel excited to share this news with you all. So I will have updates on here about Faerie Rose Press as well as Elderwood Publications, but I will still be talking about writing and the business of writing. The creation of Elderwood Publications would allow me to create works and publish them that have nothing to do with the fantasy genre.

I’m not getting off of fantasy, but sometimes you feel the need to write stories that reflect the other genres and this is one of those decisions that I have made to further my writing career.

Also I have decided to work on publishing my novel, Ravages of Time, which I will be sitting down with and working on. Please, now that the Raven Prophecy is not dead in the water, it is still a work in progress and it will not be put back on the shelf and left there to rot. I just have projects now for both Faerie Rose Press and Elderwood Publications. Also Ravages of Time, might be published before the Raven Prophecy. But I will let you know and give you the details on that.

So those are the latest updates from me, on Faerie Rose Press and now Elderwood Publications.

Here are the pictures of my new writing space:



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The Writer’s Journey

Just as every story takes us on a journey, we as writer’s go on our own journey. The journey to find out if writing, and telling story is something that we want to persue. Everyone’s journey is different, but when you decide to go down the road of being a writer, you go on a journey.

It’s a journey to find out what genres we like to write, what we want to focus on with our writing, if it is something we like as a hobby, or if we want to make full time living off of writing.

My journey as being a writer, started when I was about seven or eight years old, when I got to write a couple of small stories. Yes, most of them at this time were fairy tales, but as children that is the start of where we first learn about stories, is from hearing fairy tales. It was also at this time, where I found my first fandom, if you can call it that, Star Wars.

The story is that my dad received the original Star Wars trilogy, this was before George Lucas made is edits to the trilogy for the twenty year aniversary of the trilogy. Either, way I saw all three films and I was hooked. I was hooked with the characters, the dialogue, and most of all it was the story that hooked me in.

Then when I reached fourth grade, I had a teacher that was so into writing, and story telling, that I had writen several stories while I was in her class, and to this day I still have that collection, which every so often I look back at it and say “I wrote this!” I’m saything that out of disgust, but with pride. As writers, we should take pride in what we write, even if it is bad.

Then middle school game, and the writing and telling stories, sort of went out the window, which was really hard for me, because I enjoyed writing and having the time to tell stories. So in my spare time, I wrote stories. I even started a novel, which I called Fantasia. The reason why I called it that was at the time I was really discovering the fantasy film genre in film.

During this time I watched the Princess Bride, Legend which stared Tom Cruise, Willow (which I really didn’t like), Merlin with Sam Neil, The Neverending Story, and the list can go on. Granted, Fantasia was sort of a fan fiction, which started with the prologue of the animated series Gargoyles. But it was first attempt to write a novel. Granted, it didn’t go far since I have to find my starts of the story in my room. But it was a time that I let myself experiment on my own, since middle school, really did not give my that time to write what I wanted to write.

Fast forward to high school, senior year: this is where I got to go back to writing stories, and I was happy. I was beyond happy, for I got to write all sorts of creative fiction, to include fiction. I also took mythology where I got to write my own myth. My writing life was back and I was so happy.

Then I graduated high school, went to college, and during my freshman year was when the first thoughts about the Raven Prophecy began, and ever since this story has been there and I have been working on it for thirteen years, because it never died. As part of my writing journey, I’ve completed, NaNoWriMo a couple of times, and I started writing during NaNoWriMo about three years ago, and I enjoy it.

Yes, I have told my writing journey, but we all have them and they are so different. But whatever your writing journey is, you should own with pride, for it is what made you want to be a writer and made you keep on writing.

It may take time to own up to what your journey is, but embrace it and enjoy it! If you like what I have said tonight, leave me either a comment or a like.

I also want to mentions two things really quick. First, I made my first YouTube video last night, you can find it my searching, Faerie Rose Press. The second item, is that I received on view from Nepal and another view from India, which is still exciting to receive views from another part of the world.

Have a good night all!

Welcome to Faerie Rose Press

Hello and welcome to Faerie Rose Press! Where to begin? Well the beginning of course, writing has always been a passion of mine and I’ve been working on my debut novel, The Raven Prophecy, for the last thirteen years. You may think that is a long time to be working on a novel, but first when the initial idea came for the novel I was just starting college, and I graduated college. Then to continue on that I started my career and then I found a new love, which has been raising alpacas and llamas. But I have always stuck with writing this novel. This novel has been a passion, an obsession, and a love for the last thirteen years.

My goals are to one finish and complete this novel. I should say not just to finish and complete the novel but to also publish my novel. Now I know that you must be thinking that I’m crazy for sticking to this novel for the last thirteen years, but you must understand that as a writer, you have to be dedicated to your story, and I’m totally 100% dedicated to this novel.

Furthermore, in being dedicated to writing this novel, I also came up with a publishing company to publish my book. Yes, Faerie Rose Press. The reason for the name is one that I’m a fantasy fiction writer. I love fantasy and I thought that the press would also show that it is a fantasy publishing company as well as in the slogan: Where stories are not just writen for Faeries.

Overall, I hope on this site that I can show my love for writing as well as let you know how my novel is going. I also hope to share my knowledge with other writers that have aspiring dreams of writing and publishing their own works of writing.

I hope that this introduction was informative, but if you want to know more, comment or send a notification that you want to make contact.

Until then good night!