It’s May!!!

Welcome back! We have finally made it to the month of May, and for many of us we are still under ‘Stay-at-home-orders’ or we are only half-way to getting life back to the way that we used to know it. No matter you dice it, please, stay safe and healthy. I can honestly say at this point, my family, my boyfriend, and myself are all healthy and safe.

Now normally, at the beginning of the month, I would give some sort of update on how things are going here at Moonspinner3 Books; however, I want to start this month by giving a brief or some what brief overview of what I will be trying to work on this month.

Writing Projects:

Last month, during the update I completed all of the previous novels being updated. On that note, I have also completed The Eighth Dwarf. Now currently, I’m working on finishing Crimson Solider, which means that I am working on edits, and the final draft. Furthermore, after Crimson Soldier is completed, I will either be starting on Crimson Saloon or I will be starting the prep work for The Dark Side of the Rose. I’m still thinking about which one I will start next.

See, I’m trying to be good about working on one project at a time.

Other Things to Note:

I am starting to, or rather trying to plan out my posts that I want to put on here. In the past, I have always just written on here about topics that I have seen or heard put on social media. I have written posts on updates of what is going on with Moonspinner3 Books, which included the projects that I am currently working on. But no matter what I post on here, I also have one goal in mind and that is to help fellow authors with their writing, and their craft.

So what does May look like?

Well, May to me looks like, spending time updating this website for sure. Now, I’m not changing the look and feel of the site again. But rather adding pages that get me to where I want to go with Moonspinner3 Books while still help fellow authors while also building this up as my platform.

There is more to come on this, so please stay tune.

I’m going to leave it here, for now so that I don’t give too much away.

As always, thank you for your continued support. I hope that you have great writing day! Please, stay safe and healthy until next time.


Updates for the Month of March

Hello and welcome back! It’s the end of March, means that for this post I’m doing my monthly update and what to look forward to next month.

I hope that you and your families are healthy and safe. I can say at this point that my family, my boyfriend, his family, and me are all happy and safe at this time. We are following the guidelines that the government has imposed on us all. As far as my work life goes, I was working for an essential business, i.e. a liquor store up until yesterday, because I will be starting another job on Monday, working for a company that I had worked for before, so I have that going for me.

As far as Moonspinner3 Books is concerned, I’m still working on my projects and working on content in the meantime. As for my goal of re-working and re-publishing works that I had published in the past, that goal has been met. Yes, you can now get the updated version of Crimson Protection, the third installment of the Sheriff Crimson Series on Amazon.

So with the completion and the republication of Crimson Projection, the following have been re-worked and re-published with new covers:


I am so happy with myself for getting goal completed, and on that high note, I have to tell you of my next upcoming work that I am currently working on to be published. This work is titled, The Eighth Dwarf. The Eighth Dwarf, is a take on the telling on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, so yes, it is a fan-fiction.

Here is the cover The Eighth Dwarf:

Eighth Dwarf Cover v3-page-001

The Eighth Dwarf, is a fantasy short fiction piece, that will be published for Amazon in the near future, as soon as the re-write, the second round of edits, and so forth as is my process. Originally, The Eighth Dwarf, was written when I was in my senior of high school for a creative writing class, and so it was one of those pieces that I adore and cherish, and I hope that you will enjoy it as well, when it becomes available.

So what comes after The Eighth Dwarf? Well, I’m still working on figuring out what my next work in progress will be, since I can go one of two ways, I can either work on the fourth installment of The Sheriff Crimson Series, which is titled Crimson Soldier. Yes, there is a cover for that as well:

crimson soldier cover-page-001

So either I can work on Crimson Soldier, or I can work on one of the other projects that I have sitting on a shelf currently. But whatever the project is, I will certainly post the update of what I’m going to be working on as soon as The Eighth Dwarf is completed. See, I am getting better on working on one project at a time versus having lots of projects going on.

The other thing that I am currently working, that is for my business, I getting all of my pieces that I have written in the past in one central location so that I can find them and work on them as time goes, and as long as we are all home-bound, that too gives me loads of time to work on my writing and focusing on my goal.

Well, until next month, I hope that you and your families stay safe and healthy. I want to thank you, for all of your continued support. Until next time, I hope that you have a happy writing day! Keep writing and keep creating!

In Memoriam: Tomie dePaola

Last the sad news rang out that one of my childhood icons, Tomie dePaola passed away at the age of 85. He was a children’s author and illustrator. He passed away from complications from surgery after he fell sometime last week. We hope that he rests in peace.

Tomie dePaola, 'Strega Nona' Author and Illustrator, Dies at 85 ...

A COVID-19 Update and Writing Through the Storm

Hello everybody and welcome back! So real quick I want to give an update on where things stand with COVID-19 before moving on to today’s topic.

First and for most, I am feeling fine and my family are doing fine as well. My boyfriend is fine as well. Now on to the latest, the mayor of my town just issued a “stay-at-home” order that goes into effect at 5:00 p.m. (MST) tomorrow and that lasts through until April 10, which means that I will be home for quite a while, which means that I can focus on my business.

Now, like so many around my town they are going to the government website to see what businesses have to be closed during this time and which businesses can remain open.

What does this mean for Moonspinner3 Books?

Since Moonspinner3 Books is mainly operated online, I am able to operate during this time, like I normally am able to do. This means still publishing content and giving updates on how things are going.

With that being said let’s get today’s topic….


Writing Through the Storm

For many of us, we can consider “stay-at-home” orders to be a sort of storm, and like most storms we are ordered or in some cases mandated to stay in our homes until the storm has passed. Also like most storms, for many of us we see it as a chance to focus on our writing or working on our projects.

But for many there is the question of how do we get that inspirational spark, while being at home? Since many of us cannot leave our homes to seek out sights or even go to the library to do our research, there are so many opportunities that we can gather from the web. This includes listening to music, doing searches through Google, or even picking up a book that maybe on your shelf. I also have discovered that streaming services also do provide some documentary features as well. There are many places that are your fingertips to gather inspiration and new material.

But I would not necessarily, say that finding inspiration may not be an issue as keeping your focus on that inspiration. Let’s face it, for many of us we have not been in our homes for long periods of time, for we have work and places that we can go. However, during this time, for many of us we are told to stay in our homes for long periods of time, which also means that during this time we may go “cage-crazy” or even board with staying in the confines of the same four walls day after day.

However, look on the bright side, if you are safe inside then your chances of getting this virus is less. I’m not making light of this situation. I’m just trying to show that there is a bright side and we could also use a little brightness right now in our lives. Also during this time, we as writers should look at this right now, as we have our gift to help us through.

Yes, for some of us we are either stuck at home working, or we are stuck at home without work and therefore, the only thing that we have to keep us going is our gifts, our art, and our craft.

We will wither out this storm together and by all means, our craft and our art will grow.

So today, look around your house and see what can inspire you to either keep working or what spark will kick your writing today. I know that I have plenty to be inspired by.

Thank you for your continued support! Please, stay safe and healthy! I hope that you all have a happy writing and happy creating until next time.




Gearing up for Camp NaNoWriMo

Hello again and welcome back! Yesterday, was one of my product days on the site, for I managed to get five posts on here. Yes, most of them were on the topic or had to deal with COVID-19. But today, I want to focus on something else that is very important to us writers and that is gearing up for Camp NaNoWriMo, which is like starting in twelve days, or for those that want to count the days April 1.

In case you don’t know what Camp NaNoWriMo is, it’s basically a one shoot off of NaNoWriMo but instead of doing the necessary 50, 000 words in 30 days you get to pick your word count or you can decided to edit a piece that you have already written. The other thing that is different about Camp NaNoWriMo from NaNoWriMo is that you get sorted into virtual tents, just like if you were at an actual summer camp.

I have done Camp in the past, but I have not done in the last couple of years, because I was busy or I was dealing with other things. As far as this year goes, I’m on the fence whether or not I’ll do it, just because I already have projects that are already in the works and I really don’t feel like starting something new. I’m just not sure.

My other thought on this is that I could still camp but on a unofficial basis just because I want to work on my projects that I already have in progress without actually having to report my progress on the site. This is where the fence comes in, because it’s a great way to hook up with writers online, but at the same time I’m working on finishing one project at a time.

However, the other side about doing camp this year, is that due to COVID-19 many of us are already stuck at home with no where really to go that it would be a great way to knock out some work or a story or even a novel.

But if you are doing Camp NaNoWriMo, good for you. I’m not knocking it down I just don’t think right now, it’s a good time for me to do so. Since I’m on the brink of finishing the edits for Crimson Protection, and that is the last of the previously published works that I’m currently updating and then that goal will be completed.

Please, if you want a challenge think about it and sign up soon since I think the deadline to be sorted into a tent before April 1, is coming up. Good luck and I hope that you meet your goal that you have set for yourself in April.

Also in case you did not know, Camp NaNoWriMo will also be happening in July and at which point in the month of June you would want to start planning or even thinking about doing it then. Then of course NaNoWriMo will take place in November and you want to start planning for that one in late September and through out the whole month of October. But we have plenty of time before then, and I will definitely being participating in NaNoWriMo this year.

I hope that you have found this post helpful, if not to give you something to think about for next month.

Thank you, for your continued support! I wish for you have a happy writing day! Happy writing and happy creating!






Lunch Time Discussions: COVID-19

dragon and coffee

Hello and this post is sort of like my spilling the hot chocolate posts that I have done previously; however, this time it’s over lunch. Lunch today was with my mother and my sister, we all live together so don’t worry, it’s not like someone came over and that sort of thing. Granted, the topic was about the lovely virus like it is dominating everything right now.

Granted, I have already covered some material on my platform about the virus as well. But I’m going to also add some more input that came from my sister about this virus.

My sister made the point that my generation, the millennial’s, have never had to do something of the things that the older generations have done in the past. I mean, when you look at my other sister, she doesn’t understand the meaning of staying at home and vegging, for she always needs to be going somewhere. During this time, more and more of us are being told to stay home and do something.

The point was even made that during this time, you have a whole world at your finger tips to where you can learn something new. You can go on virtual tours of museums that are closed.

Nowhere in the history of our lives, or the lives of our grandparents, our parents have seen times like this. Take it as a lesson that even though, this is the first instance of this situation, it may not be the last time either.

But now going to an even bigger point of all of this, to all those that are the younger part of my generation, please, for God’s sake take the precautions and if you are told to stay home stay home. There’s no need to go to the beach and party. Yes, I know its spring break and all, but with everything going on right now it is not the time to party.

Just based on the last paragraph above I want to put out:


This is serious and these clowns that are out there want to party like nothing is going on, and their like if I get it I get it no big deal. It is a big deal, because the few of my generation that have gotten have been seriously ill, and part of is this the risk that has been imposed by vaping e-cigarettes.

While, I don’t make light of this situation at all, I reached my bubbling point to where I need to say something.

I apologize, if this has nothing to do with writing. But on the other hand, they say that is best to write your feelings out, or you will bubble over and that is not good for blood pressures, since it will lead to stress.

Thank you for joining me on this rant! I hope that you have a great writing day! Happy writing and happy creating!


COVID-19: What’s going on?

Hello and welcome back! Yes, I’m back. No, I was not sick. I’m going to give you a quick update. I’m fine, my family is fine, and my wonderful boyfriend is also fine. The reason for my departure was that I started a job not too long ago, and now due to chaos that is going on around the world and around where I live, I know find myself unemployed again.

Yesterday, on my personal Facebook page, I released the following statement:

While some are at home working, others are taking care of their kids, there are others, like my boyfriend, who still have to go to work due to the medical profession is still in high demand, and there’s me, like a few, that have been laid off/ their positions have been cut due to this virus, and I hadn’t even been in the position for a full month now. I’m not going to say this sucks or that’s not fair or anything like that. But we all just need to keep everyone in mind and everyone’s situation is different this time of confusion and chaos. That is all.

I can tell you, that as of right now, I’m still trying to cope without dropping into tears. I mean that I know fully that I did nothing wrong, for I was learning things and picking it up, and there were still some areas that I needed to improve. It’s just that overall this year, has not gone to plan so far.

I mean sure, so far I’ve met some of my goals in terms of writing, but career wise that has really fallen short. However, I digress and lets talk about what we as writers can do during this period of dealing with COVID-19 or as it is commonly referred to as the Corona Virus.

As many of us know this virus is one nasty little bugger. I mean we are living in a time that our world has never seen before. Stores and malls are closed, just many businesses are closing or asking people to work from home. Schools are closed. Events are cancelled. Graduations are even cancelled. The food industry is hit by either closing their doors but either offering drive-thru service or delivery service.

Now with that being said, here is my statement for Moonspinner3 Books:

We here at Moonspinner3 Books are still open and working hard to keep up with content and are able to offer distractions and suggestions to keep the creative writing processes flowing during this time. We send out prayers all of those that affected by the virus in any capacity that may be during this time. May you stay safe and healthy during this time, and if you have the virus may prayers find you so that you can become healthy once more. Stay creative and positive during this time when it is hard to do so. Thank you!

It may not be much of a statement but it comes from a good place during this hard, dark and difficult times. Rest assured that this is not my only post that I am doing today, as I will be posting up an idea blog for what we as writers can do during this time since many of us find ourselves a home, and there will also be a post on ideas for parents on how to get kids to write and use their imaginations during this time. Those are just a few of the posts that will be posted today.

Granted, as some will point out this is day one for me being a home, not working, which means I will be focusing on my business and my writing.

Remember that we are all in this boat together, and you have some place to turn if you need something to read or need help during this time with the creative juices.

Thank you all for your support. Happy writing and happy creating.

Image result for earth being sick from corona

Piracy warning out for us writers!!!

The word of the day is: Piracy

The definition for us writers and creators of art: the unauthorized use or reproduction of another’s work.

Relevance: I was just informed by a group that I am a part of on Facebook about a site known as

What is Bookinistika?

Bookinistika is a pirate site that is listing books on their site and in turn selling them, which means that they are making money on the books that they sell and not giving a dime to the author.

What does this all mean?

Well, basically they are making a profit off of other’s, mainly writers, and in turn those writers are not seeing a dime of the money that is being made from the selling of these books.

Are there steps that writers should be taking if they find their works on this site?

Yes, there are steps and please, follow the steps as follows.

Open up two web browser tabs, both are going to be linked to Bookinistika. The first is where you are going to fill out the DCMA form, and the second tab is where you are going to search for your known works and request for your works to be pulled down.

Please, note that when filling out the form, only put in the required information.

Next step is to make the main page a favorite, so that when you publish anything through Amazon, you can find it on this site and fill out the form again asking for your work not to be listed on this site.

How did this impact Moonspinner3 Books?

This impacted Moonspinner3 Books because my books where listed on their site without my permission, and furthermore, they were making sales from my books.

I have only given Amazon permission to sell my books, I did not give permission to Bookinistika permission.

Now, if Bookinistika would have listed my book and then linked it to the Amazon page for the book’s listing that would have been different for that would have been sending the user to the right source and then the consumer could have purchased the book through Amazon.

But they didn’t for they made their own page, to sell the book and then in turn make a profit off of the book, as if they were the merchant that has the right to sell my book(s).


Please, if you have anything that has been published through Amazon, please, check this site out and make sure that you are not being taken advantaged of!!

We work hard to put out our works, and we should be paid for doing so, and sites like these are taking advantage of the hard work that we put into for our work.

Sorry, if this is not in the normal format of my other posts, but it is important to get the word out.

Thank you and I hope that you have a great writing day!

Updates to Moonspinner3 Books

Hello and welcome to Moonspinner3 Books! Yes, I have made some changes to the site. One of the reasons why I made the current change to the site, is that I wanted it look new and fresh. This look makes it very clear that this is site is about the business of writing.

While the site has changed, the content that will appear on this site, will be the same good writing focused blogs that have been always appeared on this site.

On that note, let’s get down to business!


Publishing Anyone?

Last time, that I was on here I talked about the recent publication of Crimson Bounty, and that is not the only piece that has been published. The recent version of Crimson Shot has also been published, and is available on Amazon.

So in total, my goal of getting all of what I have published before, being updated! I have one more to go and that is Crimson Protection, which is my current project that I will hopefully be starting later to day.

But in case you are wondering her all of the works that I have currently published and they are all available on Amazon:


What Else is Going on?

Along with working on updating the works that I have previously published, I have also been working on getting my other writing projects organized. That way I have a clear focus on what my next projects that I want to focus my time and attention on.

Most of the work, will be completed after Crimson Protection is completed, hopefully that will be completed later this month, so that I can work on the other projects that I want to get off the ground and running.

This means that there is more short fiction pieces to be written, edited and published. This also means some of my larger pieces to the worked on as well. But as of right now, I’m working on one project at a time so that I don’t get scattered on trying to work on several projects at once.

Anything Else?

Yes, there is one more thing. The other day, after I finished the edits for Crimson Shot, I also started the revamp work on the newest cover for Crimson Protection and here it is:

crimson protection cover-page-001


One More Thing…

I have more thing to add, in the beginning and I have always continued to be blessed by the amount of support that I have received on this site and on the social media platforms that I have posted up information in regards to Moonspinner3 Books.

I would like to say, Thank you once again for all of the continued support, for it is greatly appreciated.


On that note, I hope that you will continue to support this site as there is much more to come.

Thank you, and until next time I hope that you have a great writing day!

Snow Day = Writing Day!!!

Hello everyone! If you are not having a snow day, like me, then I’m sorry, to rub this in. But for once a get a snow day!


Well, enough celebrating! Yes, it’s fun to have a snow day, for you get to stay inside with nowhere to go, it’s great. But for us writers, we should see it as a chance to catch up on our writing projects.

Granted, this week I have been lucky enough to have two snow days!

On the first day snow day of this week, I worked on my revamp of Crimson Bounty. This includes a full re-writes, edits and full reads, and formatting. With all that said in done I’m proud to announce that the latest version of Crimson Bounty has been published through Amazon Kindle.

Here is the latest cover for Crimson Bounty:

crimson bounty cover v2-page-001

I also had enough time in the day to work on the latest cover for the second book in the Sheriff Crimson Series, Crimson Shot. Here is the latest cover for Crimson Shot:

crimson shot cover-page-001

While, I have no where to go for I get a chance to stay home and write, I will be working on the revamp of Crimson Shot.

Granted, while I’m going on about the latest that I’m working on. There are some key points that we all as writers can take away, such don’t let a snow day go to waste, and while the snow is falling outside, there are plenty of words that can be written.

While, I’m busy writing on this snowy day, I hope that you have a great writing day!