Reluctance to Share Ideas

Hello again! I just posted up some details about my NaNoWriMo project for this year, which has probably the working title of The Bird that Sings. While I posted this information up, I was also a little reluctant to do so, and that I that I’m afraid that someone could take my idea. But as writers we all feel this way. I’m going to jot down five reason why we are reluctant to share our ideas with others.

One reason for this reluctance is due to the fact that we do not want others to take or steel our ideas. Granted, we all think that we have original ideas and that is such a great feeling or understanding that we have. But let’s face it all premises have been used one time or another. It’s just that we want to make it feel new and refreshed, which is something hard to make happen.

I know  that I have felt that way, and it’s not due to lack of the use of words but due to the impostor syndrome that we all face. Impostor syndrome in case you do not know its where you feel that you should not be a writer. But the only way to over come impostor syndrome is to write and feel like you belong with everyone else in the room. If you want a great example of this, watch the movie, Catch Me If You Can.

Based on a true story, Catch Me If You Can shows that if you look the part even if you don’t know anything that you can look like everyone else does in the room that has the same position that you want. While the others may have worked hard to get there, you have to work harder to get their so that you can show that you know what you are talking about. It all comes back to that old adage write what you know, and one way to write what you know is to research what it is that you want to know so that you can be just as smart as the others in the room.

The second reason that we are reluctant to share or even talk about our story ideas, is that we don’t want to wrongly judged for the topics that we want to tackle. Yes, some ideas depending on who you share them with will get you either strange looks or insults. This should not be the environment that we should have to deal with in today’s world, but on other if we are stronger than others in the room to take on those ideas than we should be able to wither the storm for it gives us that drive to make that magic happen.

The third reason is fear. We have the fear that we are taking on a bigger project then what we want to take on. But if you came up with the idea then there is a reason for it. Just as another adage states there is a reason for everything. Then there is a reason for the idea to find you in the first place, and we should take that idea and see it for what it is a gift. Yes, a gift and while we may feel fear to accept the gift then we should run with that gift and make something of it.

Fear comes in many shades and colors, but the color that we chose to view it can show that we can concur our fear and seize the moment to make what we want possible. We just have to take that step forward and to concur that fear.

The fourth reason that we are reluctant to share our ideas is that we don’t want to be claimed as either copycats or plagiarism. Let’s face it if we are labeled as either can make anyone cringe where they sit or stand. Once you are given these labels it is hard to shake them off for anyone, and it will make your work as an author twice as hard as anyone else. We all at some point in our lives have been stuck with a label that we have worked hard to get rid and every time that a new label is put upon us it just makes it harder for us to fight those labels. So avoiding labels is a fight and a challenge, but it can be done with hard work. But being given the label of copycat or plagiarist is one that no writer wants even on their worst day.

The fifth reason that we are reluctant to share ideas is that we don’t want to be put down or discouraged from tackling one a story idea. This is the toughest one to over come, but it can be done. Just like any of the other reasons for the reluctance, it takes hard work to over come these. But this one we have to put our best foot forward and just write the idea out and when it is all said and done, we can be proud and say look what I have done. Then you tell that the non-sayers to read what you wrote and ask them to tell you then were they right to tell you not to take on that story idea. When they answer no, they were wrong then you can proud that you proved them wrong.

Granted, you can take proving them wrong as a challenge and one that should be accepted. Then you can also say when you have proved them wrong don’t ever say that I cannot take on the story that I want to tell. I see the fifth reason as a great motivator for writing that story and finishing that novel. It should be seen as both a challenge and as an obstacle to getting that story written. Once the obstacle has been overcome than any story idea that you have should be tackled and seen out to the finish for you made one story idea that you were told that you have no business writing completed and you can go on to the next.

Yes, there may be other reason why there is a reluctance to share ideas, but sharing ideas is also how we build our communities and gain a knowledge base that we can add to our credit. If you have other reason on why writers are reluctant to share ideas, please, comment down below. I would love to read your reasons.

I hope that you have found this post helpful when it comes to overcoming the reluctance for sharing story ideas with others. I also hope that you have a great writing day!


The Past Weekend…

This past weekend for the most part was about giving writing advice to other writers on at least a couple of the writering groups that are on Facebook. As I have mentioned in the past one of my goals with my business is to help other writers. Some of the topics included how you go about re-writing, how do you start to write in a certain genre, and about getting the confidence in your writing. There were also topics that I gave advice on for publishing as well and how you go about working on a blog about writing, and that was just to name a few of the topics. Granted some of these topics I have not covered on this site yet and I will in the future.

This past weekend I also learned about some new tools, and those will be added to the section Writer’s First Source. The first of these new tools is The Hemingway Editor ( This website can help you edit your work, it can also tell you the readability of your work is. This one I’m going to test with what I have on the current draft of the Raven Prophecy and see what are some of the results. The other nifty tool that I learned about this morning is Text to Speech Reader ( This one allows you to hear your text in a natural sounding voice. I’m going to give this one a try later today as well. I’m also going to look at some other web platforms for writers such as Tablo and Medium. I have not yet been to these sites, or else I would be adding the links on to this post.

I also received a new goody from my sister, a new pendulum with a pretty amethyst. Sometimes having a pendulum for writing can be helpful. Right now I have it on my writing desk with me. I also picked up a new writing guide, “Damn Fine Story: Mastering the Tools of a Powerful Narrative” by Check Wendig. The reason why I picked up this book was that it some great pointers on the back cover of the book. I will be reading this book and will be writing some posts based on the book. The other book that I picked up was more of a business type book, but if I find helpful tips on there for us writer’s I will be adding some of that information as well.

The past weekend was really about me focusing on my business and getting some idea of what information writers need. Therefore, I will be sharing some of that information with you all as part of my pledge to help writers with their writing. I learned some new things and that it is great too, for it shows that I do not know everything but at the same time I know some things that other writers don’t know either. This is one of the great things that can come from being part of a community is that we can learn from each other and get new ideas on how to do things.

I hope that you had a great weekened as well, and I hope that you have a fantastic writing day.

Hero’s Week is over (sadness)

We have come to the end of Heroe’s week. It has been fun talking about the different types of heroes that we face in literature. Now once we have our hero, what do we do to them? We put them on a journey of course. A hero must be on a journey, whether it be self discovery, saving a whole town from certain doom, whatever it is they must have a journey and a purpose.

The hero’s journey basically goes from everything is going fine, and then something changes. This change impacts the hero of the story, along with a few other characters, but the hero is the most impacted, and they want to make a change. Remember that quote from yesterday, “Heroes don’t except the way that the world is, for they fight it.” Well, that is true for heroes.

Let’s look at Game of Thrones‘ Jon Snow, for he does not want to stay at Winterfell and just be looked down upon by his step-mother, for he wants to go to the wall, to server a higher purpose. Granted, after he gets to the wall, he has a hard time accepting how things are as far as how he is treated. Of course, he fights it but he also thinks that he is better than his other brothers at the wall.

Furthermore, when you look at the hero’s journey, there is that desire to flee, or deny the call. In Jon’s case, the he tries to flee after his father, Ed Stark, is killed at King’s Landing. Then again when his half-brother, Robb Stark, is killed. He also on his journey beyond the wall, starts to have a distrust of his brothers at the wall and what they stand for, and so he leaves his brothers for a short time, and joins the wildlings, but then goes back to the Night’s Watch, due to he had to save them from the impending fight against the wildlings.

Along the hero’s journey, the hero must face the big bad villain. In Game of Thrones the big bad is the Night King. Time and Time again, Jon has faced the Night King and the white walkers. His first encounter with the Night King came at Hardhome, when Jon is feeling Hardhome with a few of the wildlings and a few of his Night Watch brothers. During this first encounter, Jon witnesses the power that the Night King has to create white walkers from the dead. As a fan this was the first moment for me when I felt like “Oh crap! We’re screwed!” I will talk about my plan to survive the white walkers when we get towards the end of next season.

So we have seen the big bad, now what is next for the hero? Well, he is someone how taken down, to his lowest point. In Jon’s case, the low was when four of his fellow brothers in the Night Watch killed him, granted, he is brought back to life, but for the most part he is killed. It is after this that he leaves the Night’s Watch, and goes to become King of the North, after fight Ramsey Bolton. Yes, Ramsey is a villain, but he is not the big bad as the Night King. Ramsey is just a mere stepping stone on Jon’s way to reclaiming Winterfell. After he claims Winterfell, he tries to get allies to help in the battle that is to come against the Night King and the white walkers.

Along the way there is a revelation that comes for the hero, either the hero knows this or will find out, but the reader’s know this. In the case with Jon Snow, it’s that he is not Ed Stark’s son, for he is a Targaryen, which was once an important family in the world of Game of Thrones. But before this revelation, there is another battle with the big bad, and this time he get’s an important weapon on his side. A dragon, and not just any dragon, a makes a white-walker out of a dead dragon. Granted, at this point we are screwed for this dragon can fly and melt ice, furthermore, it gives the Night King a huge advantage over Jon.

In the climax/falling action of the story, Jon will have to gain some advantage or learn the weakness of the Night King, and when that happens the big bad will be going down. When that will be, who knows, but there will be some weakness that will be discovered and once it’s discovered, the final battle will be not only about strength but about knowledge as well. Then in the end, the survivors, such as our hero will live a happily ever after or however he chooses to live his life in Westeros.

I hope that you have liked today’s conclusion to Hero’s week. I hope you will come back, next week for an exciting installment on villains.

Heroes that Lose Their Way

Being a hero is tough work, you have to save the world or the girl from peril and then you have your life outside of that to contend with. So it is easy to see how a hero could lose their way. Right? Well, it depends on the hero that you are looking at. Granted, you might look at the hero of today’s focus as a hero more as a villian but at one point he was the hero of the story and in the end he became a hero. Let’s look at Aniken Skywalker/Darth Vader from Star Wars.

Aniken had a lot to contend with, he was a slave then he was freed, taken from his mother, and trained as a jedi, where he wasn’t taken seriously. He also fall in love, which is a big jedi no-no, became friends with Senator Palpatine, his mother dies, he looses his arm, and then he is forced to do something that he didn’t feel was quite right which was to kill/disarm Count Dooku. Then he is on the verge of loosing his wife in childbirth. You could see where really everything is going against Aniken.

Furthermore, he chooses to save his friend Palpatine against attacks from the jedi, and for what so he can become Emporer Palpatine’s new apprentice in the sith as Darth Vader. Now I know what you are going to say, Darth Vader did terrible things. Yes, he did for he help destroyed the jedi, bring in the Empire and further more, rule the galaxy with an iron fist. However, with all of this going on there were two people. Let me repeat, there were two people that saw that there was still good in him. His wife and his son.

His son, Luke, was raised very much like his father except for he wasn’t a slave. Luke became a jedi and knew that after the first meeting with Vader that not only was he the son of him but he also lost his hand to him too. But in the end when Vader brings Luke before the Emperor, Luke goes against the Emporer saying that he will never go to the dark side. When the Emperor is going to kill Luke, Vader steps up and kills the Emperor. This shows that Aniken would do anything to save his family. So in the end Vader destroyed the Empire and saved the galaxy.

Granted, we have a new trilogy of films, and it’s clear that Vader has a fan boy. But fan boy don’t know fully what Vader to save Luke, and if he did I’m thinking that it would change his mind about being on the dark side.

So in the end Aniken had to go to the dark side in order to save the galaxy from the emperor, which means that he was the one to bring peace back to the force.

If you disagree with this analysis of Aniken/Darth Vader, please, bring your case forward, but it’s easy to see how he lost his way to save the ones that he love. You could bring up Frodo in this case also, for he was influenced by the ring made him lose his way, and he needed to destroy the ring to save not only himself but Golum as well.

Tomorrow, we will talk about anti-heroes. I hope that you have enjoyed this discussion on the Aniken.

Can Writing be Magic?

Let me ask you, can writing be magic? In my view, yes, writing can be magical. Magic if is a verb means to make something move, to be changed or to be created. When we write we are making words move. As we write we hope to change the world. Then finally when we write we work on creating a story, a world, or a situation that we put our characters into. Therefore, writing can be magic.

When we write magic, we want our readers to experience the same type of magic. We want them to feel the magic that is in our story worlds. We want them to experience the feelings that our characters express and we want them to hear not only our voice but the voice that we have for our characters. The pure joy for us as writers, is when our readers understand what we were getting at with our writing. Granted, when they start to analysis our writing, they may have a different understanding than what we intended, but that can be considered as the magic that our readers give to us as writers.

We may disagree with their analysis, but on the other hand, they may give us insight that we did not have before when we were writing our stories. However, we should take it as a gift in return for it shows that we have readers, who took the time to read what we had written on the page. You might be asking yourself is that magic though?

I would have to say, yes that is magic, for they may change how we view our writing. It may move us to think in a different way as well. It might be a stretch to think about how it creates something, but it might for it might compel us to write some more or to create a new world based on the information that we gained from our readers.

We should in turn look at it as what not only what can we give our readers, but what can our readers give to us in return. The answer for me is magic. We give magic and in turn we would like to have some of the magic back. Just as we are children, who believe in faeries, or wizards and witches, we desire to have magic in our lives. We keep looking for it and holding on to those feelings that we see in motion pictures or when we read those types of stories. We want the magic. We desire the magic, and above all we want the world to be magical.

Therefore, writing is magic, and how we use that magic can be the greatest talent that we can ever possess.

I hope that you have liked this discussion on magic and writing. If you would like you can you comment down below on your takes on magic and writing. Thank you, again my friends.

Today is going to be Great!

Today, so far is getting off to a good start. I have already have 12 views on this site. I would like to thank everyone who has stopped by either for the first time or if you are returning. I also have had three people pick up their free ebook of “My Grandmother is Missing.”

Speaking of the ebook, it will be available starting today and going through Saturday for free. After that it will be available for $.99. I just feel so happy right now that everything is going on track.

Now let’s talk in terms of writing, which will be about everyone has a story. This story can be either about what is going on with you personally, or what you bring to your works of fiction. Whatever that part is there is a story there that is waiting to released. This story can also be reflected or be apart of your writer’s journey. Yes, I’m going back to the writer’s journey, for some aspect in your life contributed to you wanting or having the desire to write. As I mentioned in my post on the writer’s journey, I just felt this desire to tell stories and I loved how stories work. As I have grown, more about what I love about story has come across in my writing. This could be how you make that daring twist with your characters. Making your characters interact. How you even build your story world. Now mater what you learn about writing from others, that part you can take and make part of your writing.

The only part about that is that you may fall the first time but that is where you learn and you take it out back somewhere and work with it. This is were tweaking comes into your arsenal. However, you have to decied on a given day what you want from your writing and where you want to take your writing. This is where you can make your goals and strive to make those goals happen for you. This is also where you can grow as a writer.

The more you grow as a writer, the more that you can see things happen for you. One way for me that I see that is that I never dreamed what when I started Faerie Rose Press, that I would have the courage to try to publish my flash fiction on amazon, for I was only thinking about my larger projects like my novel. I never thought that I would get as many views as I have on here, let alone my Facebook page. The point is that I’m growing and looking down at the road and seeing endless possiblilities and that means that I can share more with all of you about where you can see your writing journey might take you. I hope that you are seeing your writer’s journey and saying that I can do what I want with it. Granted, not everything will work, but when it does you can see the magic. Magic is beautiful, and daring but above all it let’s us see things differently. It also lets us see the confidence in what we can do.

We can all be successful in your writing and the careers that we want in our writing. I hope that you can see what you want out of your writing. But strive forth and watch as your creativity bloom and grow.

I hope that this has been helpful today, and I hope that you will like what you have heard.

New Week…

It’s the start of a new week, and that means starting this week off right. I’m continuing to work on my nanowrimo project, and it is going to a good start. Yesturday, I did not write for I was moving all of the alpacas and llamas where I was currently boarding to their new home. Granted, I will still be boarding them, but they have more room to run and they seem happy where they are now.

On the writing aspect, today I hope will be a productive day, for I plan to work on both my nanowrimo project, as well as a bit more on Ravages of Time.

As we start this week of writing, let’s take a moment to think and reflect about how we can make things new in our writing. It can be how we think about a character, think about a scene that we have in mind. How can we make it fresh and interesting. One of the ways that I came across this is to either interview the character about what they have faced. How about thinking about what drives them and what happens when that drive that they have is taken from them? Think of Frodo and the ring. The drive was about saving the Shire, but when they thought of the Shire being destroyed that really compelled them to get the ring over to Modor so that it could be destroyed and the Shire would be saved. Also you can think of it as without the ring there was no drive or even thought that the Shire would need to be saving. Think about seeing stories in a new light, or in this case what really drives a character.

As we read, and write we should as writers think about how we can make stories new and fresh. But let alone think about how do we making ideas original and not re-done or cliche. I hope this gives you something to think about on your writing. If you like what you have read, please, like or comment down below.

Aspects about writing

As writers, we tend to think in terms of stories, characters, plots, twists, and words. Yes, the power of words are what we as writers take into careful consideration when we write. We feed on words like they are food. We need them to surive and to thrive in our daily lives. However, we need stories more than words. Although, that can be debated quite a bit about what we need more of, either its words, stories or both.

The interesting thing about being a writer, much like being a reader, is that you can explore new worlds and create images with the use of words. This is where word choice comes into our arsenal, and when we start to grow in terms of how we can express ourselves, as well as for our characters. One way that we can do this with our use of words.

Using words and how we use them is one of the greatest gifts that we as writers have. We also have been blessed with the gift of telling stories. So what drives us? The use of words? Or the gift of story telling?

I think that it is both, for without words we wouldn’t be able to tell stories. Sure, we could draw them out but it wouldn’t be the same without the use of words. Words gives us power and power gives us the drive to succeed and once we feel that we succeed then we have the feeling that we can take on the world.

Take on the world with your words and feel great doing it. Until next time, good night!

The Writer’s Journey

Just as every story takes us on a journey, we as writer’s go on our own journey. The journey to find out if writing, and telling story is something that we want to persue. Everyone’s journey is different, but when you decide to go down the road of being a writer, you go on a journey.

It’s a journey to find out what genres we like to write, what we want to focus on with our writing, if it is something we like as a hobby, or if we want to make full time living off of writing.

My journey as being a writer, started when I was about seven or eight years old, when I got to write a couple of small stories. Yes, most of them at this time were fairy tales, but as children that is the start of where we first learn about stories, is from hearing fairy tales. It was also at this time, where I found my first fandom, if you can call it that, Star Wars.

The story is that my dad received the original Star Wars trilogy, this was before George Lucas made is edits to the trilogy for the twenty year aniversary of the trilogy. Either, way I saw all three films and I was hooked. I was hooked with the characters, the dialogue, and most of all it was the story that hooked me in.

Then when I reached fourth grade, I had a teacher that was so into writing, and story telling, that I had writen several stories while I was in her class, and to this day I still have that collection, which every so often I look back at it and say “I wrote this!” I’m saything that out of disgust, but with pride. As writers, we should take pride in what we write, even if it is bad.

Then middle school game, and the writing and telling stories, sort of went out the window, which was really hard for me, because I enjoyed writing and having the time to tell stories. So in my spare time, I wrote stories. I even started a novel, which I called Fantasia. The reason why I called it that was at the time I was really discovering the fantasy film genre in film.

During this time I watched the Princess Bride, Legend which stared Tom Cruise, Willow (which I really didn’t like), Merlin with Sam Neil, The Neverending Story, and the list can go on. Granted, Fantasia was sort of a fan fiction, which started with the prologue of the animated series Gargoyles. But it was first attempt to write a novel. Granted, it didn’t go far since I have to find my starts of the story in my room. But it was a time that I let myself experiment on my own, since middle school, really did not give my that time to write what I wanted to write.

Fast forward to high school, senior year: this is where I got to go back to writing stories, and I was happy. I was beyond happy, for I got to write all sorts of creative fiction, to include fiction. I also took mythology where I got to write my own myth. My writing life was back and I was so happy.

Then I graduated high school, went to college, and during my freshman year was when the first thoughts about the Raven Prophecy began, and ever since this story has been there and I have been working on it for thirteen years, because it never died. As part of my writing journey, I’ve completed, NaNoWriMo a couple of times, and I started writing during NaNoWriMo about three years ago, and I enjoy it.

Yes, I have told my writing journey, but we all have them and they are so different. But whatever your writing journey is, you should own with pride, for it is what made you want to be a writer and made you keep on writing.

It may take time to own up to what your journey is, but embrace it and enjoy it! If you like what I have said tonight, leave me either a comment or a like.

I also want to mentions two things really quick. First, I made my first YouTube video last night, you can find it my searching, Faerie Rose Press. The second item, is that I received on view from Nepal and another view from India, which is still exciting to receive views from another part of the world.

Have a good night all!