Updates from Faerie Rose Press

The first month of 2018 is almost over, and it’s time that I give an update for the month. This month has been about writing and discovering the possibilities that come from the world of writing. Every day, I post on here about something things that I have noticed from different aspects of writing, and the biggest reasons why I do it is that I want to share my knowledge with others, which has been the biggest reason why I started on this journey last year. While this website has not been up for quite a year, I have felt accomplished in what I have learned from working on this site and working on the social media aspect as well for my business.

As for the current projects, The Raven Prophecy is still a work in progress, for last month I completed the first 100 pages of the first draft and I have worked on it some more and as I have mentioned in an earlier post, my biggest goal this year is to complete the first draft of The Raven Prophecy. I have yet to work on Ravages of Time but at some time throughout the year, that too will also get its time to be worked on. In recent days I have started working on a series of stories for the Sheriff John Crimson series. The Sheriff John Crimson stories are being published under Elderwood Publications and they are a set of western stories. So far I have published two of the stories, Crimson Bounty and Crimson Shot, which are now both available on Amazon. The third story in the series I started yesterday and hope to have that one published very soon.

So far I’m enjoying writing and working on the Sheriff John Crimson series, for they are allowing me to explore a different world and to explore writing westerns, which I have always had a deep desire to do. Right now the fun part about writing the series is exploring the character that is Sheriff John Crimson and the town of Harbor Gulch. I plan to work on this series throughout the year.

So that is the latest update on what is going on with Faerie Rose Press. I hope that you stick around all year to see what other exciting things that will be taking place.


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! We have finally made to 2018. As we greet the new year, it also means revolution time. The time of year when we make our goals for the new year and sometimes writing become a focus of revolutions and sometimes it doesn’t. But never fear, we at Faerie Rose Press have been busy thinking of good writing revolutions for the new year.

My biggest goal for this coming year is to study the craft of writing, which means both writing and reading. I have a good library of writing guides and some of them it has been a while since I have looked at them and others I have looked more recently. The other focus that I will have on studying the craft is reading my genre of focus, which means Fantasy.

Another goal for this year is to focus on the business of writing and putting out more posts that have to do with the business side of writing. Even though I have not gone over my posts from last year, I feel that I did a somewhat poor job of covering the business side of writing. While I’m covering the business side of writing, my other main focus is to help writers with their writing. I have some other goals in mind towards this, such as hosting a couple of events this year when it gets warmer called “Writing and Alpacas.” The main idea of this event is to get writers out of their element and away from the keyboard and for them to write out in nature while gazing at Alpacas or other elements of nature. When I have those dates I will get them posted.

Now for two biggest goals that I have for my writing. One is to finish a complete draft of The Raven Prophecy and the other is to complete the second draft of Ravages of Time. I want those two projects completed before we hit the next year. There might be other writing projects but the two biggest is The Raven Prophecy and Ravages of Time.

As far as Faerie Rose Press is concerned, the biggest goal that I have so far for the press is to continue to work on things and to make it grow. I hope that you have enjoyed this sneak peek into what we will be working on for the new year, and I hope that you will enjoy being with us on the journey ahead.


Updates from Faerie Rose Press

I thought that since this week has been going so good here at Faerie Rose Press, that I would give an update on how what is happening. First off, I have some new followers on this website, on my twitter account, and on Facebook with both my author page and the page for this business. I would like to say thank you and welcome. Every time, that I receive new followers, I am so grateful for the fellowship for it means that I’m gaining support for what I’m trying to do with my business. As for getting new followers on Twitter, a couple of my posts have been re-twitted and that is a huge boost for me this week. Again, I say thank you and it is most appreciated.

Now for news on the Raven Prophecy. Yesterday, I completed the first fifty pages (front matter not included)! Last week, I created a new front cover for the Raven Prophecy, which I post down below, in case you have not seen it. My goal is to get the first 100 pages completed before the end of the year. So far I am happy with the progress that has been over the course of the year on the Raven Prophecy. Furthermore, I created a private cover for the book, which I was excited to create and if you would like to see a copy of it just email me at: faerierosepress@gmail.com.

Last up not least, Happy Star Wars Day! Yes, I saw the latest film in the franchise and no I will not put up spoilers as I’m not going to be one of those that spoil the film for others. But all I can say is that it was awesome and so worth the money to see in IMAX. It added some great knowledge for fans of the Star Wars saga. I was not disappointed at all in the film.

I was just featured on the following facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/refiction.page

I hope that you have a great weekend and happy writing. May the force be with You!

The Raven Prophecy-new10-page-001

Tips for that work in Progress

I thought that today, I would put out there some helpful tips for that writing project that you are currently working on. This is whether you are on a roll with your project or if you have hit a bit of a slump. The first thing that I would recommend is to create a cover. Yes, a cover, there are many helpful tips out there on how to create one in Microsoft Word. I have created several covers of my own and so far I feel that I’m getting better and better with each one. I even created a private cover the other day, this is one that I have for my personal use, and then I have the one that I have shared with everyone else. This is a great way to keep that goal that you want your work to be published.

I also ran across the idea of writing either a book treatment/book proposal. Granted, it does not have to be fancy or set in stone. This is a living, breathing document that will change as you work on your novel. Basically, this gives you a detail of what the book is about, and what is in each chapter. This way if you ever need to go back for a reference you will have it in your document. There are many templates for this on the web. I’m starting to work on one for the Raven Prophecy.

The other times that you can work on is your back and front matter. These items are like your copyright page, your dedication page, your acknowledge page or even your about author page. You can even create the back cover too. I have not yet done this part in the creation phase.

Another idea that you might try is to write the first 50 or 100 pages (depending on how long your novel is) and try to find someone that will read it and give you feedback. I’m thinking of giving the first 100 pages as a gift for Christmas, like of it as you are giving those lucky few an exclusive sneak peek to your book. It doesn’t have to be completed, but the pages should be edited.

All of these ideas are to get you to feel that you have a goal to complete your novel or your writing project. If you have some other suggestions, please, comment down below.

Latest Cover Design for The Raven Prophecy

Earlier today, I designed the latest front cover for the Raven Prophecy. I felt that the last one was not really setting the tone for the book. I know back last month I said that I wasn’t going to re-design the cover but I thought you know, maybe I should do one more.

So here is the old version of the cover:

The Raven Prophecy-new9-page-001

And here is the newest version of the cover:

The Raven Prophecy-new10-page-001

Please, let me know what you think in the comment section down below.

Latest Updates on Faerie Rose Press

It’s been a while since I have given an update on how things are going here at Faerie Rose Press. Well, let’s see followers are growing and so is readership on this website. Thank you, again to all for the support it truly means the world to me.

On the website itself, I’m working on posting something every day during the week and I’ll try to put something out on the weekend, which I’m still working that out. On the social media front, Facebook is going well, Twitter is going well, and we are now on LinkedIn. I will post the link down below so you can check out the page. I’ve also been doing some freelance work as an administrative assistant for a real estate agent up in Boulder, sending out invitations and thank you notes and that is going really well. I also helped someone write a school paper and that was sort of fun, for it was on a topic that I fairly familiar with but I didn’t fully know about from a historical standpoint.

On the writing front, Ravages of Time is still sitting on the shelf for I have mainly been working on The Raven Prophecy, which is at 46 thousand words and counting. I also working on a new cover design and when I have that all published out, I will post it on here first before the other platforms.

So overall things are looking up, for us here at Faerie Rose Press. In case you are all wondering the alpacas and llamas are enjoying their new home, where they have lots of room to run and play.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/faerie-rose-press/

Update at Faerie Rose Press

Every once a while, I like to give an update on how things are going at Faerie Rose Press, so here is the newest update.

Earlier, this month I gave an update on the Raven Prophecy, which is still going well. Currently the story is moving along and I’m still adding elements to the latest first draft of the book. As for the Ravages of Time, I have put that one down for a while as I work on the Raven Prophecy. My current goal right now for the Raven Prophecy is get the first 100 or so pages completed.

I have just add a list of the services that Faerie Rose Press is starting to provide. This is a promise if you will to our commintment to helping writers with their writing as they find their writer’s journey. Also I have added as part of the commintment, three new sections this month: Writer’s First Source, Book Reviews, and Movie Reviews. Right now I have five or so sections under Writer’s First Source.

I have been working on Faerie Rose Press’s Facebook page, which is more the most part where I would like it to be. Granted, I’m adding information here and there, if you would like go check it out and don’t forget to like. My Facebook Author page is still a work in progress, which is where I’m posting some things but not as much as on the other page. Twitter is going strong. I still need to work on Youtube and Instagram.

But for the most part things are moving along here at Faerie Rose Press. Also this month I published a flash fiction piece on Amazon’s Kindle, called “My Grandmother is Missing,” and a poetry collection called, “Poems in a Milk Bottle,” where it is also available on Amazon’s Kindle.

NaNoWriMo was this month, and granted I didn’t really work on my piece of it as much as I should have, but it is also a slow project, so that I why I put a main focus on the Raven Prophecy. So in the next couple of days NaNoWriMo is coming to a close and that means for those that participated they can either start editing or they can take a month off before they edit. But here at Faerie Rose Press will be doing neither as we will be writing and hopefully helping those with editing or proofreading their work.

November was a busy month, and December will be just as busy with the holidays coming up and all the gatherings. I hope that you have enjoyed this update on Faerie Rose Press.

Writing and Age of Readers

Yesturday, I talked about genre and that we really should get to know what is involved in writing our genere; however, today, I want to talk about the age of our readers and thinks we need to keep in mind as readers.

If you are writing for adults or late teenagers this may not apply to you, but you might find the information helpful. This more for if you are writing for children, pre-teenagers, or even middle grade teenagers, then this more for you.

When it comes to writing for children, pre-teenagers and middle graders then there are certain items that must not be in you keep in mind, such as bad language, sexual context, and blood and gore. The three that I listed above cannot be in your story at all, for then you will be put on the banned list. If that is your goal, then by all means you can have it in there, but you will be asked time and again did you really mean to write this for children?

In my fantasy novel, The Raven Prophecy, this book is not for children, for I have all the above and some of the context that is addressed in the book is more for older teenagers/adults, not for the young minds. Granted, if the young have permission from their parents I can’t stop them from reading my book, there are just something things that might come up. In my novel, I have blood, some gore, bad language, and there are some sex scenes. There is also some weird stuff, but it all comes from writing fantasy.

So as you go about today working on your stories, please, keep in mind the age of your readers and what age group you are gearing towards with your story.

I hope that you have enjoyed today’s discussion.

The Raven Prophecy Update

I wanted to give an update on the Raven Prophecy, in case you all were wondering. Last week I started another draft of the Raven Prophecy, and so far it is going well. I have added something things to the first part of the story. These were things that were missing. So far I’m at 15,748 words with 10 pages of front matter, and 41 pages of body matter.

I have no plans at the current time to re-do or redesign the cover for the Raven Prophecy.

I hope to have more updates for you in the coming weeks, but for right now this is where the Raven Prophecy is at.

The Raven Prophecy-new9-page-001