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Finding the Balance in our Writing Lives

In anything that we try to take on, we are told that we need to find the balance, such as in the case of work versus play. Think of the old adage, “All work and no play makes John a dull boy.” The same…

How to get the Confidence Back

I promise, that this will not be another step by step, like other how to topics, this more of a helpful or simple suggestions that make getting that confidence back into your writing. Often times after writer’s block goes away and we get the…

Let’s talk about Prompts

We all have faced writing prompts at some point in our writing careers/lives, and let me start by saying that they can be a useful tool and sometimes its a great way to get things started when you are stuck on what to write….

The Plague that is Writer’s Block

Yes, there is a plague that every writer must face in some way and that plague has only one name: Writer’s Block. Writer’s Block happens when a writer is writing and a block, a dry spell, or some force enters that disrupts our writing….