How to get the Confidence Back

I promise, that this will not be another step by step, like other how to topics, this more of a helpful or simple suggestions that make getting that confidence back into your writing. Often times after writer’s block goes away and we get the initial urge to write, we struggle with our confidence. We also struggle with our confidence before we publish or put anything out into the world, at which point we are facing that annoying self-doubt. But never fear we all go through it, and it does not mean that we are weak but that we are human. To be a writer is to be human, which means we make mistakes; however, we also learn from our mistakes.

Also when you publish sometimes here is the greatest thing, there are different versions that you can put out there, which means that you make corrections and you can add to it to your heart’s content. But adding to our writing is one way that we get our confidence. Eventhough, there is the old addage that you should never look at what you wrote, especially your bad writing, but say throw that out the window. Why? Simple, we are writers we can correct things, we can use our words, and above all we can build our confidence by making our writing better. It’s called improving our craft.

When you really think about it, the best way to improve and get that confidence is to create or correct what you already created. It’s called tinkering.

The best advice on getting that writer’s confidence back in check is to work on your craft. I know a couple of days ago, when I was talking about writer’s block, I said don’t write, but once you feel that urge to write once it’s gone then write. Get that feeling back of what makes you feel good and happy about your writing. I took me a while to get that way. Yes, life can get in the way of our writing and it can have an impact on our writing too. Sometimes the impact can be good and other times it can be really, really bad. Yes, we don’t want the bad to surface; however, sometimes seeing the bad can be really helpful too.

There is no wrong or right in your writing, other than grammer and spelling, but if something works and you enjoy creating when it works then keep on doing what makes you happy. The best support that I can give on getting back and pumping up that confidence is to write what works for you and to ask for help. Granted, sometimes the help may not be what we need to hear but other times we need to seek out that guidence from others that have been were we are now in our stage of finding that writing life, or we can find others that are where we want to be in the future. But here is also the really good part about this too, and that is that we can help others in the future with what we know and helping them get to where we are or where they want to be.

The biggest thing is that we should not give up on our dreams of being writers. We should not give up on getting that confidence back in our writing. Above all we can succeed based on what we put into it. It’s like an saying that my mom and I have when it comes to people getting into the alpacas, what you put into them based on how much you work will them will be your pay off in the end. Furthermore, you can’t take an alpaca into show that you have never worked with before, and expect them to work for you. It does not happen. I have seen this way too many times at different alpaca shows.

The same can be said for our writing. What we put into our writing will pay off in the end. We have to work on our writing and nuture it and guide it along. But furthermore, the greatest confidence booster in the world is when we are able to help others. Not talk down to them, but help and guide and show them the way to where they want to be.

I really hope that you have found this helpful! I hope that you have a great writing day!

Today is going to be Great!

Today, so far is getting off to a good start. I have already have 12 views on this site. I would like to thank everyone who has stopped by either for the first time or if you are returning. I also have had three people pick up their free ebook of “My Grandmother is Missing.”

Speaking of the ebook, it will be available starting today and going through Saturday for free. After that it will be available for $.99. I just feel so happy right now that everything is going on track.

Now let’s talk in terms of writing, which will be about everyone has a story. This story can be either about what is going on with you personally, or what you bring to your works of fiction. Whatever that part is there is a story there that is waiting to released. This story can also be reflected or be apart of your writer’s journey. Yes, I’m going back to the writer’s journey, for some aspect in your life contributed to you wanting or having the desire to write. As I mentioned in my post on the writer’s journey, I just felt this desire to tell stories and I loved how stories work. As I have grown, more about what I love about story has come across in my writing. This could be how you make that daring twist with your characters. Making your characters interact. How you even build your story world. Now mater what you learn about writing from others, that part you can take and make part of your writing.

The only part about that is that you may fall the first time but that is where you learn and you take it out back somewhere and work with it. This is were tweaking comes into your arsenal. However, you have to decied on a given day what you want from your writing and where you want to take your writing. This is where you can make your goals and strive to make those goals happen for you. This is also where you can grow as a writer.

The more you grow as a writer, the more that you can see things happen for you. One way for me that I see that is that I never dreamed what when I started Faerie Rose Press, that I would have the courage to try to publish my flash fiction on amazon, for I was only thinking about my larger projects like my novel. I never thought that I would get as many views as I have on here, let alone my Facebook page. The point is that I’m growing and looking down at the road and seeing endless possiblilities and that means that I can share more with all of you about where you can see your writing journey might take you. I hope that you are seeing your writer’s journey and saying that I can do what I want with it. Granted, not everything will work, but when it does you can see the magic. Magic is beautiful, and daring but above all it let’s us see things differently. It also lets us see the confidence in what we can do.

We can all be successful in your writing and the careers that we want in our writing. I hope that you can see what you want out of your writing. But strive forth and watch as your creativity bloom and grow.

I hope that this has been helpful today, and I hope that you will like what you have heard.

Blogging Guidence

Today, on one of the writer’s groups that I’m a member of on Facebook, someone wanted to know what you blog about and how you go about it. Here is the direct quote:

“I want to start blogging but I am afraid of my writing skills. Could anyone help me out, how to start with my writing?”

This question has come up a lot and the reason for that is that anymore when you are creating your website, either for your publishing company, your business, or your author website, some aspect of that website will be a blog. If you look at mine, I have pages with content, and it contains a blog which you see on the home page of my blog. Therefore, you really to think about how you want to start and what your content is going to be for your site.

If you are doing a site about writing, such as Faerie Rose Press, then you need to discuss writing, and so far that is what I have done. The other part about blogging is that you want to stay on topic. This means that you don’t want to write about other things such as politics, causes that appeal to you, or other things that interest you and not your reader. If you address in the opening of your site that you are going to talk about numerous things then your readers are going to expect that from you. But if you don’t claim this in the begging when you address what this site is about and you talk about something other than the topic that you stated that you were going to address, then you are going to lose not only readership but followers as well.

The other part in the question about the person, who asked, is afraid of their writing skills. Of course, this is a major point when it comes to writing a blog but it is the same concern that comes up when you are writing a story or a novel, or even a paper for a class. It takes practice and work to hone in on those skills. But most of all you need to find your voice and you have to enjoy doing it. If you don’t enjoy doing it then you really need to ask yourself why are you doing it. Writing should not be a chore it should be something that you enjoy like a hobby, and if you can’t say that it is a hobby then you need to look in the crystal ball or the mirror and ask yourself why are writing. If you look at yourself and you answer, “I don’t know,” or “I thought that it would be fun and then it turned out that it’s not,” then do yourself a favor and talk to someone before you go too deep into the rabbit hole, and you can’t get out.

The most important thing about blogging is that you need to think about what you can do for your reader more than you can for yourself. But also at the same use your blog as away to practice your writing skills even if it has nothing to do with the novel your writing, for this will give you the confidence to write that novel and anything else that you pursue in your writing life. I mean when I first attempted blogs, I was like I don’t know what I’m doing, but once I looked that ugly nonconfidence stick in the face, then I was like I can do this and I have really felt at home, if you would call it that, with this site and this blog. I can say that you will to, and it does take an effort but once you find what you are happy with writing about then you will get that confidence that you need to write that novel.

I hope that this information has been helpful and useful.

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The continuation from the Writer’s Journey

The last time, I was on here I talked about the writer’s journey, and more specifically my writer’s journey. Now I want to talk about what happens after you accept your writer’s journey.

Once you have started taking a look at your own writer’s journey, the next thing to do is to embrace it. By embracing it mean really think or mediate if being a writer is really what you want to do. Remember it takes time and work to be a writer, and that goes for whether if you are wanting to write just as a hobby or if you want to be published. Either way it’s going to take work.

Work for being a writer, means that you are reading others, looking for inspiration, researching your craft and the other aspects of writing. Once you have thought about this for a while, it’s time for you to figure out what is a good time of the day that you are going to write. Yes, this means that you should be writing everyday. As you move forward with your writing life, you feel guilty at times for not writing daily. I know I do.

The other part about making time for your writing it’s also about dedicating a space about your writing. Your space can be on your kitchen table, in your bathtub (yes, I wrote a paper once in college in the bathtub and there was no water in the tub). But you need to find a space and say that this is your space. My current space is made up of a fish tank stand, with a board across the top, which holds my monitor, my keyboard, my mouse, and a few trinkets that I use for inspiration. I also have an office chair that I bought at an office supply chair. I will have a picture down below of what it looks like.

Once you have your space dedicated, then you need to figure out what sorts of things you are going to have your writing space. Remember, you don’t want to clutter it with a bunch of things you want a few things. But you also don’t want to be distracted by what you put in your writing space. Also during this time, you need to figure out if you are going to write with pencil first or if you are going to go straight for the keyboard. If you go for the keyboard, make sure that it is a comfortable keyboard where you fingers can move easily across it as you type. This is also true if you are going to write by hand, for you want to a writing instrument that is going to be easy for you hold and work with as you write by hand.

Now that you have all of those things figured out, now it is time to write. Work yourself gradually until you can dedicate one to two hours of writing a day. But also make sure that you can also give yourself a break from writing. You don’t want to be burned out, for when you get burned out, that is what brings out writer’s block. I talk more about writer’s block later.

I must also give a quick update on my website. I have just two new pages under the “About Faerie Rose Press.” These two new pages are: FAQ Faerie Rose Press and FAQ Tiffany M. Dew. I also have had new views on my site from the United Kingdom.

Until next time, keep on writing, discovering, and setting up your time and space for writing. If you like what you have seen, leave me a like or a comment.


The Writer’s Journey

Just as every story takes us on a journey, we as writer’s go on our own journey. The journey to find out if writing, and telling story is something that we want to persue. Everyone’s journey is different, but when you decide to go down the road of being a writer, you go on a journey.

It’s a journey to find out what genres we like to write, what we want to focus on with our writing, if it is something we like as a hobby, or if we want to make full time living off of writing.

My journey as being a writer, started when I was about seven or eight years old, when I got to write a couple of small stories. Yes, most of them at this time were fairy tales, but as children that is the start of where we first learn about stories, is from hearing fairy tales. It was also at this time, where I found my first fandom, if you can call it that, Star Wars.

The story is that my dad received the original Star Wars trilogy, this was before George Lucas made is edits to the trilogy for the twenty year aniversary of the trilogy. Either, way I saw all three films and I was hooked. I was hooked with the characters, the dialogue, and most of all it was the story that hooked me in.

Then when I reached fourth grade, I had a teacher that was so into writing, and story telling, that I had writen several stories while I was in her class, and to this day I still have that collection, which every so often I look back at it and say “I wrote this!” I’m saything that out of disgust, but with pride. As writers, we should take pride in what we write, even if it is bad.

Then middle school game, and the writing and telling stories, sort of went out the window, which was really hard for me, because I enjoyed writing and having the time to tell stories. So in my spare time, I wrote stories. I even started a novel, which I called Fantasia. The reason why I called it that was at the time I was really discovering the fantasy film genre in film.

During this time I watched the Princess Bride, Legend which stared Tom Cruise, Willow (which I really didn’t like), Merlin with Sam Neil, The Neverending Story, and the list can go on. Granted, Fantasia was sort of a fan fiction, which started with the prologue of the animated series Gargoyles. But it was first attempt to write a novel. Granted, it didn’t go far since I have to find my starts of the story in my room. But it was a time that I let myself experiment on my own, since middle school, really did not give my that time to write what I wanted to write.

Fast forward to high school, senior year: this is where I got to go back to writing stories, and I was happy. I was beyond happy, for I got to write all sorts of creative fiction, to include fiction. I also took mythology where I got to write my own myth. My writing life was back and I was so happy.

Then I graduated high school, went to college, and during my freshman year was when the first thoughts about the Raven Prophecy began, and ever since this story has been there and I have been working on it for thirteen years, because it never died. As part of my writing journey, I’ve completed, NaNoWriMo a couple of times, and I started writing during NaNoWriMo about three years ago, and I enjoy it.

Yes, I have told my writing journey, but we all have them and they are so different. But whatever your writing journey is, you should own with pride, for it is what made you want to be a writer and made you keep on writing.

It may take time to own up to what your journey is, but embrace it and enjoy it! If you like what I have said tonight, leave me either a comment or a like.

I also want to mentions two things really quick. First, I made my first YouTube video last night, you can find it my searching, Faerie Rose Press. The second item, is that I received on view from Nepal and another view from India, which is still exciting to receive views from another part of the world.

Have a good night all!